World Healthcare and Fashionable Hair Brush


WOODY brand was founded in 1995 which sells wooden brushes, wooden combs, wooden mirrors, facial brush, cosmetic brush, natural beauty set, bath kits, toiletry set, cosmetic set, and natural bath products.




Product Philosophy


The manufacture of these brushes is in line with the concept of environmental protection. All the wood material used are derived from reforested timber in Canada and North America. The logging of timber is well planned and is supplemented with replanting and recycling. They are not obtained by deliberate falling of tropical rain forest trees, thus not harmful to nature.


Healthcare function


The head is the supreme command of the whole body. On the basis of medical theories, the hair follicles are linked to the peripheral blood capillaries. Suitable massage improves blood circulation of the head, disperses superfluous blood and reduces blood congestion. Besides helping to prevent blood accumulation in the brain, it can enhance the upward blood-flow. This is beneficial for preventing anemia in the brain, headache and insomnia.

The shape of the pin is uniquely designed for the sole purpose of offering better massaging effect for the head. With added cushioning effect, the head is effectively treated to a thorough massage for better health.


Packaging & labels


WOODY has a complete packaging system to instill brand recognition

  • WOODY paper box
  • WOODY logo printed or branded on the brush handle




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