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Payment Methods

Online Price 綫上價格 = RM (Malaysian Ringgit) MYR 馬幣


Manual Payment - Online Transfer / ATM / Cheuqe


Please transfer the order amount to the following bank accounts and advise us with proof of payment:


Bank Name 銀行名稱

Account No 銀行帳號 Account Name 帳戶名稱

 Online Banking 綫上轉賬

Click below 點擊以下


8000753965 Modestie Trading Enterprise

Maybank Berhad


MISSUYA Online Boutique

Maybank Berhad

 5-54026-287160 Modestie Trading Enterprise

Public Bank

4663 2575 27 Long Tyan Hong





Maybank2u PAY






Credit / Debit Card / e-Wallet





e-NETS (Singapore)






PAYPAL (Overseas)




Email 電子郵箱:



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