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Aromatherapy For Insomnia 難以入眠

Oils to encourage sleep are the calming and sedative oils - lavender, marjoram, neroli and chamomile. Try also cedarwood, orange, geranium and rose. Create a haven of peace in bedroom and make it a special place. Place a bowl of dried rose buds in the room and sprinkle them with lavender and rose oils. On the pillows, sprinkle a little lavender, rose, neroli or marjoram.



For a peaceful and relaxed sleep, use the following oils in a VAPORIZER (candle burner or electrical burner):
1. Lavender 6 drops
2. Lavender 2 drops and chamomile or cedarwood 4 drops
3. Lavender 4 drops and bergamot 2 drops
4. Neroli 4 drops and geranium 2 drops
If you wake in the middle of the night, 1-2 drops of marjoram sprinkled on the pillow should help you get back to sleep. Do not use marjoram if you are feeling depressed.

For a peaceful and relaxed sleep, to the BATH add:
1. Lavender 6 drops
2. Chamomile 2 drops, juniper 4 drops, neroli 4 drops
3. Marjoram and rose 2 drops each
4. Lavender 4 drops, marjoram 4 drops, orange 2 drops
5. Neroli 2 drops, frankincense 2 drops, lavender 2 drops

If difficulty in sleeping is caused by emotional distress, add 2 drops each of neroli, lavender and chamomile for a calming and soothing effect.

If you can not sleep because of over-excitement, add 3 drops each of marjoram and lavender



Of course, if you insomnia is not able to be solved by aromatherapy, it is better to consult a professional doctor for assistance, as pro-long insomnia may be harmful to your physical and mental health.

[Notes] The above is for reference only.







1. 熏香:任選適用的精油單獨或混合熏香   


2. 精油浴:熏衣草4滴 + 佛手柑2滴 + 依蘭2滴   


3. 吸嗅:睡前,在枕頭旁(或枕頭套、紙巾)滴落1滴熏衣草,如此氣氛會變的如同置身于盛開的熏衣草花園般。


4. 塗抹: (佛手柑1滴 + 薄荷1滴 + 檸檬1滴 + 基礎油1ml)。睡前,將複方精油2~3滴滴落於胸部的中央部分,然後一面攤開,一面擦入肌膚內。如此精油的芳香和成分,將會從肌膚和鼻子吸收,而可以進入于安詳的夢境。   









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