Wearing Cheongsam At Work 上班穿旗袍

Wearing Cheongsam At Work 上班穿旗袍

Can I wear a cheongsam at work?

As long as the company has no rigid dressing requirements, the elegant and generous cheongsam is of course suitable for professional women to wear in the daily office. In order to avoid some embarrassing situations of wearing a cheongsam, and to be able to wear it more decently in the office, you can refer to the following suggestions on how to wear a cheongsam in the office, and be the most elegant woman in the office!




1. Cheongsam fabric 旗袍面料

Cotton, linen or silk cheongsams are suitable for daily work, comfortable and generous. The only fabric to choose carefully is velvet. Because the elegance and nobility of velvet cheongsam may be a little too much for daily life, but you can still choose velvet cheongsam for banquets or festive occasions.




2. Cheongsam design 旗袍款式

Office is relatively formal occasion, so in this environment, it is more taboo not to give the impression of being too trendy and avant-garde, so choose the cheongsam to wear in the office, the style should not be too exaggerated, generally classic styles fo the cheongsam is fine. The length of the cheongsam is preferably around the knee to the calf. According to the height of the individual, a short (mini) cheongsam or a medium-length (midi) cheongsam is most suitable for work wear. At the same time, try to avoid wearing a sleeveless cheongsam alone, sleeveless cheongsam is best to match with a small coat or shawl, it will look more solemn. Of course backless or low-cut designs are discouraged!




3. Cheongsam style 旗袍樣式

The dress code in the office is generally to be dignified and decent, so a simple and elegant, clean and neat cheongsam must be an excellent choice, especially the elegant plain cheongsam. Except banquets and parties, try not to choose bright red cheongsams for daily work.


4. The daily collocation of cheongsam 旗袍的日常搭配

The combination of dress can best reflect a person's cultural accomplishment and aesthetic taste. The accessories of the cheongsam must not be "overwhelming", the protagonist is always the cheongsam, and the rest of the accessories can only be green leaves, which can only play the role of "finishing touch", otherwise the charm of the cheongsam will be lost. For example, try to choose a small bag as a handbag, and the color should preferably be a single color in the cheongsam; shoes can be white or black and other solid color boat shoes, do not expose the toes; necklaces, bracelets, earrings (drops), brooches , shawls, etc. should also be determined according to the cheongsam, and pay attention to the overall "matching and harmony". Sometimes less accessories can highlight the beauty of cheongsam.

The combination of a cheongsam and a small suit can be said to be a must-have for professional women's office attire, and there is no way to go wrong. If it is a more colourful cheongsam, you can choose a small white suit to overwhelm the color of the cheongsam; and if it is a plain cheongsam, you can choose a small suit with bright colors to make the overall balance.





5. Hairstyle 髮型

As for hairstyles, some companies may not allow girls with long hair to drape over shoulder, so you can choose a ponytail hairstyle or a simple updo. Hair accessories, play a inishing touch.




6. Light makeup 淡妝

Wearing a cheongsam should be light makeup, it is not suitable for heavy makeup and exaggerated makeup. Appropriate light makeup on the face can better highlight the beauty of wearing a cheongsam. The so-called light makeup is to emphasize the natural beauty of your face through just the right method. The makeup is light and elegant, naturally coordinated, and is a slight modification and touch-up of the face.




7. Posture & Mannerism 舉止

When wearing a cheongsam, you should pay special attention to your posture. Women should wear a cheongsam to look good. You must stand and sit in good mannersim. It is unsightly to have your legs crossed or raised.

穿旗袍要特別注意行為舉止的姿態 女性要將旗袍穿得好看,一定要站有站相、坐有坐相,翹腿、叉腿、抬腿等都是不雅觀的,這與穿旗袍的要求也是格格不入的。



The above are some collocation guidelines for cheongsam in daily work. Wearing a cheongsam in the office is also a pursuit of beauty, and you can feel the elegance of the cheongsam all the time.

Don't be entangled any more, wear the elegant and dignified cheongsam in a professional style, and go to work beautifully in the world of cheongsam!




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