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It is clear and obvious differences between buying in a physical (brick and mortar) shop and shopping online. If you have doubt and uncertain with this shopping experience, please consider carefully before placing an order.

As shopper, you have the absolute CHOICE!


1. Online Store

  • At present we only sell ONLINE >>>
  • We do not have 'Physical Shop', therefore we do not offer Self-Collection OR face-to-face transaction. In view of this all sales, return & exchange, etc are arranged through courier service ONLY
  • We regret for any inconvenience caused by this nature of online retailing and service 


2. In Stock / Available sizes

  • We sell Ready Stocks, and we do not offer Pre-Order unless it is a BULK Order.
  • Please select your SIZE at the Available Options
  • Size(s) not appeared in the Available Options means it is SOLD out


3. After Sales

  • Should you have any concern about the purchase or items received, please EMAIL us within 3 days after receiving your parcel. Failing which your complaint will not be entertained.


4. SMS & Phone 

  • We do not accept orders by phone / SMS / Whatsapp / WeChat
  • Shoppers can contact us by phone or email or through Facebook Message, but we will not entertain SMS inquiry, especially lengthy inquiry, etc. Therefore we apologise that we do not reply SMS.


MISSUYA Online Store






1. 網上商店

  • 本館目前只在網上 销售
  • 目前“沒有實體店鋪”,所以沒有上門提貨或面交的服務。故所有銷售,退換等皆通過快遞服務。
  • 我們感到遺憾如果此網上銷售和服務造成您的不便。


2. 現貨/現存尺寸

  • 我們網店目前只賣現貨商品,故沒有提供‘預購’服務(除了大量訂單)。
  • 請在‘Options’裏選購您要的尺寸。
  • 沒有顯示的尺碼,表示此碼已經售完。


3. 售後

  • 收到貨件或商品後,如果您有任何的問題或投訴,請在三天内發郵件到。否則,您的投訴將不會受理。


4. 手機短信與電話

  • 本館沒有接受電話/手機短信/ Whatsapp / WeChat等訂單
  • 購物者可以通過郵件email或電話或面子書Facebook Message聯係,但不接受任何短信詢問(故不會回復短信,尤其是特長的詢問)。敬請諒解。



Company details
Modestie Trading Enterperise (002030760-M)
Monday - Friday 10 am - 6 pm (Except Public Holiday)
* No Self-Collection / Walk-in 不提供上門試穿與取貨
* No SMS and WhatsApp order 不接受手機簡訊訂購
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