Aromatherapy Massage Benefits 精油按摩好處



Massage has long been used as a method of bringing about healing a number of other positive benefits through the use of the human touch. Aromatherapy is said to be a method of healing that uses massage along with a host of essential oils. These essential oils are extracted from various plant life and have a wide variety of positive effects, including everything from treating certain medical ailments and conditions, both physical and mental, to the reduction of stress and mood elevation. Aromatherapy's many essential oils can be used for a multitude of beneficial results in tandem with massage therapy.





In most cases, an aromatherapy massage involves what is referred to as a whole body massage, with the most specialized attention being paid to sore areas of muscle tenderness. Most of the essential oils used are for the purpose of permeating the skin, while some others may evaporate quickly in response to body heat and bring forth a refreshing feeling of coolness. Throughout the process, the aroma of some of the oils is inhaled, bringing about yet another set of additional health benefits.








The ideal aromatherapy massage will use a combination of essential plant oils that invoke feelings of clarity and calmness as well as healing. While most any type of massage will cause feelings of relief and relaxation, the ancient healing practices of aromatherapy massage provides something more by stimulating the body's limbic system, which is located in the brain and is responsible for feelings of pleasure.