Posture & Mannerism for Qipao wearer 旗袍穿著舉止

Posture & Mannerism for a Qipao wearer

Qipao is a women’s attire fitting perfectly to the wearer’s body. It will to certain extent limit the wearer’s movement. Wearing a Qipao, a woman will automatically keep a correct posture. For example, those who have a hunchback will naturally straighten up their back. The medium and high-heeled shoes will lift up the wearer’s center of gravity. Those who have a bulge lower abdomen will naturally contract their abdomen. However, if behaving improperly, a Qipao wearer won’t show the charm of the Qipao.

  1. When standing, a Qipao wearer should stick out her chest and straighten up her waist. Her hands had better naturally hold together and stay at her stomach or lower abdomen.
  2. Before sitting down, she should properly arrange her back hem to avoid crease after sitting.
  3. When sitting on a chair, she can only sit in the front part of the chair. During sitting, she cannot hunch her back or sink her waist
  4. During sitting, her legs cannot be positioned randomly, but should be covered with the hem in a graceful posture. If the Qipao just covers her knees, her legs should always stick to each other. Meanwhile, she should keep her exposed shanks, close to each other and put them slanted to one side.
  5. Either standing or sitting, her two arms should stay closely to her body. When walking, she should move her forearms only avoid exposing her armpits due to large movement.
  6. If her Qipao has relatively high slits, she should be careful not to expose her body. She should better walk in small steps.
  7. For a Qipao wearer, a panty hose is a good choice to avoid the unwanted exposure at the slits.
  8. Qipao is unsuitable for some activities, such as bicycle riding.






  1. 站立時,盡量挺胸、直腰,雙手最好自然地合搭在胃的高度或者小腹前。
  2. 坐下時,首先應該撩一撩後裙擺,以免久坐後,旗袍起褶。
  3. 如果坐的是椅子,則只能坐椅子的前端,不可坐滿,坐下後一定不能弓背塌腰。
  4. 坐下時,雙腿不能隨性擺放,盡量以優雅的姿勢掩藏在裙擺内。如果旗袍的長度剛過膝蓋,那麽大腿更要始終閉合。同時還要注意裸露在外的小腿擺放姿勢,最好併攏,略斜放在一邊。
  5. 不論是站著還是坐著,雙臂都應該緊貼身體,走路時擺動小臂即可,避免因爲幅度過大而露出腋下。
  6. 如果旗袍的開衩比較高,則需要時刻謹防走光,步子邁小一點兒。
  7. 穿旗袍最好穿連褲絲襪,以防襪口從開衩處顯露。
  8. 有些場合是不適合穿旗袍的,比如穿旗袍騎自行車就非常不雅觀。




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