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優美時尚  賢淑溫婉  典雅端莊

Exquisite fashion  Virtuous gentleness  Dignified elegance


MISSUYA brand was founded in 2011. It began with supply of traditional Chinese Clothing, namely classic Qipao (Cheongsam), modern Qipao, Chinese dress, Chinese Top, Mandarin Coat & Jacket, Tangsuit, and so on.


Qipao (Cheongsam) is one of the Chinese traditional costumes, is the typical ethnic costume of harmony of inside and outside. Exquisite design and fashionable, Qipao reflects the femininity, beauty and nature of Oriental women.

Combined with the unique charm and virtuous gentleness of Oriental women, Qipao makes the movements of women graceful and dignified elegance. Like Chinese women's temperament, Qipao is modest and displays women’s inner softness and beauty.


MISSUYA reflects exquisite fashion design, virtuous gentleness and dignified elegance of Oriental women. It is named after the Chinese words of (měi) (shū) (yǎ), and pronounced as ‘MI-SU-YA’.


On September 19, 2011, an internet portal was opened to house this brand, and this is the beginning of our very first online store - Missuya Online Store.


Qipao ~ an oriental classical style yet fashionable!






[美淑雅] 的風格方顯了東方女性內外的優美時尚、賢淑溫婉、典雅端莊。因此品牌取名為"美 淑 雅"。


2011年9月19日,通過互聯網門戶網站,我們首家網上商店 MISSUYA Online Store 美淑雅服飾精品館 正式開業。


旗袍 - 東方特色的古典風格而又不失時尚!





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